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…which means “delicious” in English.

Inspired by Sora-kun and Xaliber, I created my own account and set a widget to load its RSS on my sidebar. The first two stories are about two men, Zablon Simintov and Jur van den Berg.

Zablon Simintov is undisputedly the only Jewish living in the land of Afghanistan, which is predominantly a Moslem country. He and his late peer, Ishaq Levin, who just died in 2005, were the last remaining two Jewish who could survive Taliban governance. They were occasionally thrown into jail and tortured for not converting to Islam, which Simintov always funnily replied that he would not convert unless they (the Taliban) gave him a lot of money 😆 . Interestingly enough, Simintov and Levin’s relationship was not a good one; they argued over time and when Levin died, Simintov had not talked to him for years. BTW, his family are now in Israel, but he is reluctant to move since he doesn’t want Jewish to disappear from Afghanistan.

Jur van den Berg is a postdoc in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who got his PhD from Utrecht University under the supervision of Mark Overmars, a well known professor in my area I think. I just knew him when I search through Google Scholar for papers with particular keywords (pathfinding OR “path finding” OR “path planning”) written since 1996 in the area of Engineering, Computer Science and Math, which return, like, 16000 entries. Whoa. Like a mission impossible. So I stumbled upon one of his work, Anytime Path Planning and Replanning in Dynamic Environments which was published in 2006, visited his website, and found his PhD thesis. And this contains many informations that I was looking for. I couldn’t find any book about Dynamic Pathfinding (pathfinding over dynamic scene) so some of his sections could save me some time! Thanks, great job dude! 😀

So, yeah.

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