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Another Face of Nationalism

But sometimes nationalism is useful. After recent bombing case, for example, I found many comments in national online news website condemning the act of terrorists, who allegedly justify their action based on their religious view, and supporting the Densus 88, Indonesian counter-terrorism squad.

Counter-terrorist win! (But actually I play more often as terrorist :) )

Counter-terrorist win! (But actually I play more often as terrorist; I love AK47! 😈 😆 )

Only recently am I relieved that many of our people are nationalist. If this can be turned to be something useful, we can fight terrorism. I despise every action to overthrow the current legitimate government, however suck it does, thanks to corruption etc, and replace it with religious government. Separation of church and state FTW. And by church I mean every form of religion.

Well, I may be a bit anti-nationalist, arguing that it may lead to delusional and biased opinion, that the division of countries does not make sense, and even that an extreme form of nationalism can lead to war just because different views of two neighbouring countries! But I have conformist and pragmatist sides. In this case  nationalism can be useful, so I support its usage.

Yes, every penny has two sides.

BTW, should we troll the radical extreme fundamentalist websites? 😈

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My Thought on Indonesian Football Clubs

As for hiring foreign players, I think it is better for Indonesian football clubs to hire the best players from neighbouring mid-ranked Asian countries like Singapore or Malaysia or Thailand rather than low-tier South American or African players of unproven qualities. Asian players will arguably set up lower transfer fee, and in the same time this action will support the development of regional football teams. Another good possibility is to hire potential young players from top-ranked Asian countries, like those in East Asia or Middle East. I think borrowing Zeng Cheng was a good move by Persebaya. It would be even better if they could hire him permanently as he was a good player in his age and also a potential national team goalkeeper.

In fact this is my approach when playing PSM Makassar in Football Manager. I bought good young players from Bahrain and South Korea, one veteran goalkeeper from Costa Rica (I’ve been widely known for not buying old players, but I’ve got excuse: not many choices available for goalkeeper position), one Uruguayan player who had been playing in Indonesia for a couple of years (Ronald Fagundez) and one national star from Uzbekistan. Well, apart from them we also had Syamsul Chaeruddin, Ponaryo Astaman, Ilham Jayakesuma, Zainal Arifin etc who had been regularly featured in Indonesian national team. We managed to be finalist of Club World Championship, beating River Plate (or Boca Juniors, I forget) 4-0 on the way and only losing by penalty against the godlike Barcelona. :-“

Love and Intercourse

BUKAN BUAT ANAK-ANAK!!!! Continue reading ‘Love and Intercourse’

Semalam di Pulau Pinang

Andre Goh Eng Boon, atau biasa dikenal Andre Goh sahaja. Jikalau tak paham asal mulanya, boleh jadi awak kira Tuan Goh ini seorang Melayu. Ternyata bukan. Terlahir dari rahim seorang ibu keturunan Cina yang piawai berbalas pantun dalam bahasa Melayu dan menghabiskan masa kecil di lingkungan yang ramai orang Melayu, tak pelaklah Andre Goh sangat mahir dalam melantunkan lagu-lagu beraliran Melayu ini.

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PS: Ya ya saya tahu lah ini saya cakap broken Malay, maklumlah tak pernah belajar Bahasa Melayu sikitpun. :mrgreen:

lambrtz looks like this


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