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Kencan Tiga Jam (Part II)

Aku pun teringat kembali bahwa
Bukan adanya kamu di sisiku yang membuatku bahagia
Melainkan ketiadaanmulah yang membuatku kehilangan

Joey tak bisa menghiburku
Fabio tak membuatku bersemangat
Aku pun menyerah
Dan Noriko
Membawa imajinasiku ke kamar tidur

Kamu hanya B, max B+
Tapi kenapa aku tidak bisa menghilangkanmu dari otakku
Oalah nasiiib…


Religion as a Non-fundamental Ideology

I once read this interesting post, and now I am wondering. What causes that? There must be something underneath that affects the decision whether one follows which approach in interpreting the verses in the (supposedly) holy books. What is it? I don’t know. Maybe it is the characteristic, as in if George W Bush were a Moslem then he would be like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and vice versa. But if Fransiscus of Assisi had been a Buddhist then he would have been the next Buddha who came after Siddharta Gautama, and vice versa. One will entirely change her/his worldview only if this underlying thing also changes. In the case of Paul, for example, it is said that he happened to witness a miracle and this caused him to repent and spread Christianity, instead of opposing it. Maybe bad analogies, but meh. 😆

A friend, who recently quit his religion citing the many sins it commits, then asked me, so of what use are religions? I just gave him a rhetorical answer, of what use are ideologies? That was because I didn’t know. But basically they are philosphically similar, and religions only add those absurd things that tell you how to pray, what to say when you pray, etc.

Well, I just want to say, if you consider religion as a fundamental part of your life, on which your morality and (maybe) logic systems are built, think again. 😀

The end of part I, which is hardly an end. Still a long journey to go. To be continued kapan-kapan.

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