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Surga dan Neraka

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

Buat apalah engkau repot-repot memikirkan surga yang bentuknya saja kau tak tahu, kau tak kenal, dan hanya bisa kau raba berdasar nubuat-nubuat para nabi
Jika sebuah senyuman dari orang yang engkau tolong sudah cukup untuk membuatmu bahagia
Bahkan bilapun itu adalah sebuah sumpah serapah yang kau terima, engkau tetap bisa tersenyum simpul

Buat apalah engkau repot-repot memikirkan neraka yang bentuknya saja kau tak tahu, kau tak kenal, dan hanya bisa kau raba berdasar nubuat-nubuat para nabi
Jika air mata orang yang engkau celakai sudah cukup untuk membuatmu menyesal
Jika cacian mereka sudah cukup untuk membuatmu terjaga semalaman, merenungi hari yang lalu ketika engkau berbuat salah

Buat apalah engkau repot-repot memikirkan ganjaran apa yang akan kau terima di alam barzah
Biarlah persamaan-persamaan Tuhan memberi nilai yang tepat untukmu

Political Correctness; By Default

I read this and this and loled hard.

😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆 LOL 😆

I’d already guessed that it would turn to be like that. :mrgreen:

Of course I know that the commentator’s intention was good, but I think it is not politically correct. In order to make such a wish, you must first know whether the person you wish observes it or not. Previously, he also wished me a happy fasting, but I can understand it (and I don’t really mind about the OOT-ness; such a kind guy, amn’t I? :mrgreen: ) since you can’t find what my religious belief is easily in this blog. However, in Jensen’s case, he has explicitly written in the sidebar that he is a Protestant, so logically he doesn’t observe the Ramadhan fast. Well, maybe the wisher missed it, but he wished it anyway since in his mindset Indonesians are Moslem by default.

This is not only to mock the commentator. In fact I suffer from this too, sometimes. The difference is that I don’t want to know what your religious belief is; I am not interested to know it. E.g., I didn’t know that my colleague who sits next to me is a free thinker until I read his Facebook profile, several months after I knew him. Therefore, by default I won’t wish you anything, until you tell me or you observe your religious practice in front of me or I just accidentally find out. In fact not only religion. I had a kawaii xD friend, a girl, who looks like a Chinese. Some friends say she is not, while others agree that she is. Therefore I didn’t wish her a Gong Xi Fa Cai during the Chinese New Year. Well, I am not sure whether this is good, but I do it all the time anyway. 🙂

But political correctness sucks, doesn’t it? 😕

BTW, I have ever been wished for a couple of events that I don’t celebrate. Deepavali. Chinese New Year. Do I look more like a Chinese or Indian, actually? 😕 Anyway, I just usually say “Thanks, but I don’t celebrate it.” 🙂 But sometimes I don’t really care about it and just respond “Thanks”. 😆

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