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Taxi-driving PhD

Very late in the morning but have to write this before I forget.

Just now I read an article that my friend had shared in his Facebook several days ago. OK, I’ll give you some time to read it. And I’m now getting really worried.

A PhD, even from Stanford, does not always guarantee you for a secure job. The struggle for having a decent life is still there, waiting for the time when we fail to meet what we are expected to do.

Then I googled his name and found his blog. Spontaneously I started to admire his stores and also writing style. He must be well-versed in philosophy or something. He translated a Chinese poem into English while maintainng its rhyme, and yet he considered it an  “amateur work”. Quite skillful, eh?

He must be a very great guy.

And from his stories it seems like being a taxi driver can introduce you to other people’s life briefly, from which you can learn how to respect life.

I like this and this posts most, BTW.


Personal note

In fact having PhD as my intermediate goal is partly to search for a better life abroad. I wrote in one of my previous post that continuing your study is the fastest and easiest way to achieve it for a person in my position. But I thought once we have PhD we will have a secure life with a secure financial condition. I didn’t know about this until just now. And even further, I didn’t know that there are many PhDs doing the same thing somewhere else.

Considering my elitist-leaning nature, I am not sure that I will be prepared if in the future I happen to have the same experience as him. Will I be grateful if I can only get a job as a, say, janitor, cleaning the floor and the tables of a restaurant after the consumers finish their dishes? Even a position in an Indonesian university will not do. Really, I seem to resemble the people that he criticises.

And I am obviously a bad driver.

Oh, maybe I can strive for my second dream. To be a rock star, even if it is just in local events. My musicianship is below par, and I play guitar and bass sloppily, so I guess being a punk rocker is reasonable. I love you full, hahahahaha. 😀

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