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Menye Tapi Tidak Pasaran

Satu setengah bulan lalu Mbak Frea membuat postingan ini. Jujur aja saya tidak terlalu ingat waktu itu apa yang sedang saya chat-kan dengan dia. Jadi anggap saja postingan ini terinspirasi dari postingan ybs.


  • Pasaran adalah dalam batasan Indonesia kontemporer, atau dengan kata lain lagunya tidak terlalu terkenal di Indonesia akhir-akhir ini, (jadi lagu legendaris bisa masuk sini, walaupun saya usahakan ndak selegendaris Stairway to Heaven atau Imagine) …
  • …digabung dengan lagu-lagu yang bahkan bukan single andalan musisi ybs.

Karena ini cuma mosting video, saya ga akan banyak ngomong. ๐Ÿ˜†

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Not So Random Thoughts

1) Jealousy

Some people in this world were born luckier than some other. Some of you might be lucky enough to be born in a rich American family, able to get your AB from Harvard and subsequently work in the Wall Street and become even filthily richer. Some of you might be lucky enough to be bright-minded, getting an instant scholarship to Oxford but unfortunately decided to waste your life on drugs and end up as a whore in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, some kids must raise their AKs very early in their lives to protect their and their mothers’ lives, and some people are just unlucky to die at the electrically-powered bordering fence while trying to go across it from North Korea to South Korea, in hope for a better life. And a person can just be mediocre enough to have to spend too much time earning money, only trying to fulfill his dream of getting out of his island. And at the end of the day there is a chance that he cannot make it.

Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini

This guy has only ever played for one club in his life, becoming a living legend to his ex-club, and his name is closely associated to this club (and also his national football team, of course), and he has his ex-jersey-number retired until one of his sons plays at the same club. Now, if his ex-colleague,

George Weah

George Weah

wants to have the same achievement, the most possible way is to play at a Liberian club from his youth time until his retirement, and without losing my respect, his skill might have just been wasted had he decided to stay there. Well, Young Survivors Clareton is no match to AC Milan, right?

Up to this point, you might ask, of what importance is getting this kind of achievement? Well, none, really. But some people might want to have it, and it can’t be helped I guess. So, let’s continue.

You see, some of us are just lucky enough to be able to get much more life path possibilities (well if you are rich you can always go to Waziristan and fight against the US), while to most of the population these paths are just non-existent. There are many factors affecting it, one of which is your nationality. If you were born as a citizen of a third world country, f*ck the political correctness, the highest probability is that you will live at your home country, belonging to a low-to-mid class family, and being such means you don’t meet international standard of prosperity, and are not rich enough to attend Cambridge. And they don’t care. Well, not their obligation anyway, I understand. But a person having the same talent as yours has a higher probability to attend it if she is lucky enough to be an English. Can you accept the fact?

Lucky bastards.ย This world is not fair.

And we all know it has never been so.

PS: I am not saying that everyone must take the same life path. It’s just that there should be infinitely the same number of options everyone can choose from.

PS2: And you don’t need to tell me that I am merely a dreamer. I have realised that.


2) A woman’s important decision

Anonymity to the concerning person.

So I was chatting with this woman, a friend of mine, whom I haven’t talked to for several weeks or month. Well I think she had been enjoying the summer, outside Indonesia. Then I saw her profile photo and was surprised. There was something new. She didn’t wear her jilbab!

FYI, since the first time I got acquainted to her, she had been wearing jilbab.

So I asked for her confirmation, and she told me that it was true. She basically said that she didn’t believe that a woman has to wear it all the time. Moreover, she added, the men in the country where she was at were “more polite” and didn’t care about how she looked or what she wore. However, she felt worried about how she would face criticisms, preaches, curses possibly, when she goes back to Indo, which she had actually received.

My general response was that, why should she care?

So I gave her this song.

I thought at first she misinterpreted me for supporting her decision to take off her jilbab, or at least that is my impression. No. It’s not about wearing and not wearing; it’s about standing up for your right and not giving up the fight! Whether you decide to wear or not wear your jilbab, whenever you face threats, you must defend your right!

BTW, this is the same logic as why I support LGBT. As long as no other person is harmed, I support their rights to express it.

PS: I am not radical enough to give her a quote from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

“Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.”


Random Thoughts

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