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Of A Fanatical Football Fan

And lo™, this morning GMT+8 saw the aggregate lost of Manchester United to Bayern Munich at their own home stadium. Around two months prior to that match, the same opponent had beaten Firenze’s Fiorentina, despite unjust decisions from the referee. For the latter, I still cannot accept the lost. I was supposed to betray Manchester United this year, as I favour the Italian side more than the English. But yeah, shit happens, no further argument.

Anyway, a lost is always, has always been and will always be hard to accept, but that’s it. There must be a team which loses, and this year it’s our turn. And as I said months ago, I don’t make any contribution whatsoever to the teams I support, so I should not be drawn into a deep gloom.

Therefore, I’d like to offer my felicitation to Bayern Munich for beating the two teams which I take side. Congratulations! And for our sides, let’s do our best in the next season. Glory glory Man United, and Viva Il Gigliati!


Now for a little catharsis.

I myself value chivalry, a medieval knightly spirit of sportsmanship. The keyword is humility. When we win, I try to appreciate the opponent objectively, especially when they have played so well, and strive for an honourable lost when such  ending is inevitable. I understand that contrary to me, however, many Man Utd’s fans are snobbish. Overly snobbish, such that they still detriment and further mock the losing opponents, often using swear words, but are not able to accept lost and instead becoming cranky. In Javanese, this is called “ora sembada“. As such, there has been a growing anti-Manchester-United sentiment (which in my opinion is quite weird, since it raises out of the action of the fans, not the club itself: I hate Real Madrid for being an under-achieving capitalistic team and for being a rubbish dump of bright talents, Steve McManaman and Robinho to name some), and it involves snobbish counter-attack towards us. Therefore, in many cases, it seems like my chivalry does not get appropriate responses.  I don’t think I should expect it anyway.

So, how?

Well, I still follow my old way. Chivalry is always chivalrious. 🙂

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