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OK, so the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup has ended, and despite winning the second final leg, we failed to secure the championship trophy. Maybe it’s still better for us not to win the competition, yet, considering the hyperactive reactions of our media, politicians, and supporters. We are not mature, we are not mentally prepared yet to become a champion. Meh, Italy is a frequent World Cup winner, yet they are famous for their notorious ultrast. I have written a rant about this on Facebook anyway, so I’m not going to repeat it anymore.

Here, I’d like to congratulate our neighbour Malaysia for their victory. What superb performances after their lost to our team in the group phase. I’d also like to praise our national team for their effort. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt that our latest team is in their best quality in recent years, and for this I’d like to thank Alfred Riedl, our coach, for his highly disciplined approach. Not only did he struggle to improve the team condition, but he also fought PSSI officials, journalists, politicians, and the fans. In short, he himself battled Indonesia. I’m looking forward to seeing him continue training our national team.

I also become a fan of a few Indonesian players. Irfan Bachdim? No, he’s for girls only. 😛 Cristian Gonzales? Oktovianus Maniani? Also no. Instead, I am in favour of Firman Utina, the captain and the playmaker of the team; Mohammad Nasuha, the tireless attacking full-back who scored the equaliser in the second final leg; and Arif Suyono, the supersub winger of our team.

And I’m happily getting my Indonesian football jersey next month. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about becoming a die hard fan, and it’s about love. It’s about supporting your team in their ups and downs. 😀

OK, so that was it, let’s learn from our failure, and good luck in the upcoming competitions and AFF Cup 2012. You’ll never walk alone!

#turunkannurdin \m/




PS: I watched the matches on Star Sports via streaming. Before the second final leg started, there was an ad of the upcoming 2011 Asian Cup, featuring players from Asian powerhouses such as Park Ji Sung and Keisuke Honda. Suddenly I felt inferior, that our achievement was nothing. 😆

Anyway, I support Japan and North Korea in the competition, although I predict either South Korea or Saudi Arabia will win. \m/

PPS: I have to admit, that when I supported Indonesian team aggressively, I sometimes became paranoid if my labmates from China looked down on me. I mean, I wonder whether they said this in their minds. There’s no better way to express this other than in my own regional mother tongue, so my apology for my readers not familiar in Javanese.

Halah lagi tekan final AFF Suzuki Cup ae wis kemaki. Timku ki lho wis tekan Piala Dunia.

PPPS: I still have two concerns. Firstly, Indonesia only won matches in Gelora Bung Karno. Secondly, how will we perform in non-tropical countries? I still remember a Bola article around 10 years back when an Indonesian team visited a northern Asian country (South Korea?), they literally bled their noses. Maybe we should train in Jayawijaya?

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