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Being familiar to a number of Japanese pop literature, like manga, anime, and movies, I found one recurring pattern. Finding love is not traditionally as hard as in my home country of Indonesia. By traditionally, I mean in terms of culture and religion.

Let me present this scenario. Many people start falling in love in high school or university (or their equivalent). Me too. I suppose in Japan, most of those who study in high schools and universities are also Japanese. Therefore, we can assume that love-based relationships between fellow Japanese are the majority. As it has been known, Japan is relatively homogeneous, so there is no big problem in finding mates, because almost everybody shares the same cultural background. Yes there are Ainu, Chongryon, Chinese Japanese, Brazilian Japanese, Christian Japanese, Moslem Japanese, but most of them are still ethnic Japanese with Shintoism and Buddhism backgrounds. There is almost no need to hold feelings, just because the person you love have different background. This came into my mind, because there is almost no mention of Japanese couples having problems to share loves because of their backgrounds in the pop literature. I think I only found one, in the manga Kenji, because the female protagonist comes from a yakuza family. I consulted a friend who had stayed for a long time in Japan, whether this only happens in comics, but, well, it is the truth. I cannot find any Japanese movie like the Indonesian indie movie Cin(t)a, which tells a bittersweet love story between a couple having different religions. Yes, as most of my readers are aware of, this happens a lot of times in Indonesia (and also in many heterogeneous countries), especially if you are a minority, like me. Even after moving to a foreign country (Singapore), I still belong to the minority. Christian Javanese. Javanese is considered Malay here. More than 99% of Malay people are Moslem, and most of people who attend my church are either Chinese, Indian, or Filipino. We have to hold feelings very often, because there is a big chance that you might fall in love to people who, rather than belonging to your community, belong to the unmarriageable communities.

Hi, teens in Japan. I am jealous at you. I don’t like the condition in many heterogeneous countries, and I just hope sooner of later this prevailing barrier disappears, even after I expire.

Oh wait, at least at this era I can try my luck with Spanish women. I heard many of them were super.

Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero, via Wikipedia


Motivation to Love

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my purpose…you’re everything.

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

I have recently finished this Smash! manga, which tells about a bunch of Japanese teenagers pursuing their dreams to be top badminton players. I thought this was going to be Captain-Tsubasa-ish, or at least Shoot-ish, but it turned to be Salad Days-ish, yet I still finished the manga. Anyway, there is one topic that I still cannot understand. At one point, one of the male protagonists confesses that his main motivation behind his dream to be a top national badminton athlete is his girlfriend, one of the female protagonists. Apparently the latter, as a child prodigy, develops faster than the former, and the former tries to catch up with the latter. Had he not met her, he might probably have taken different life path, as he originally was not fascinated at badminton, even though he was quite good at it, before meeting her. After that, I found similar topic in the song attached in this post, after dnial posted it on Facebook. What causes my confusion is, why is it that some people need to have love to advance himself/herself? Thanks to my parents who gave me comics about the lives of well-known scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein when I was a kid, I have been self-motivated for the whole of my life. That’s why I don’t get how the philosophy which these people adhere to. In addition, as an elitist, honestly speaking, I consider them [censor][censor][censor][censor][censor][censor]. dnial mentioned that some people at some time do get stuck at some moments of their lives, which is a reference to the famous U2’s song, which I also fail to understand: I was stuck to my unrequited first love for 6 or 8 effin’ years, depending on the version you believe in, and I always remain the old self-motivated lambrtz. Well I considered dnial’s subsequent comment as an ad hominem, so I am moving my question here.

Me? I have different motivation to love, and it is another story.


I have to express that I don’t match with that culture. Yes, I mean that. So I have to pick the path which leads to the right culture. Forget other cultures, forget other cultures, just let people have their lives as they wish, but lead your own path, have your own culture, do not deride, no, do not care about other people. Just live your life correctly, according to your truest style.

You also agree with me, right, A?

lambrtz looks like this


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