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The Disappointed Laymen

And thus the time came when those elite level clergymen announced that they had been wrong in the last few hundred years. They had developed and used wrong, or at best highly inaccurate, mechanisms which came into common practice in ceremonies. They had also established unintentionally false philosophies, which eventually became the general understanding of the faith for common people, who just usually followed what the clergymen said, and who never really reasoned about so-and-so issues in faith. That was actually sensible, because these laymen did not possess proper background to make faithful reasoning. Anyway, the correction made by the clergymen implied three things. Firstly, the people who believed and followed them had been consequently led to doing what they should not have done. Secondly, the people who opposed the philosophy, either secretly or openly, had made an unnecessary struggle, as finally it was the clergymen themselves who clarified. Lastly, the indifferent minority were clearly ones who were least influenced by the change. But still, they were wrong for not having sturdy stance!

Soon afterwards, these laymen, the grass root faithful, began to cry. Confusion spread, and disappointment culminated. They thought, they were condemned! Following that was terrific riots, in front of worship places, in front of the Ministry of Faith branch offices (of course in countries which have so), and in front of foreign embassies and consulates representing the country from which the announcing clergymen came. Faisal JX022, semi-automatic assault rifle whose image was commonly associated to leftist militia, suddenly and out of nowhere came into people’s belongings. This weapon, among several others, was used in the biggest manslaughter people ever saw in the post-modern era. Clearly, for a few days afterwards, people forgot that by faith, they should not have expressed excessive anger, let alone engaging in violence.

I’m a rock singer. I’m nothing more than that. I’m not a philosopher. I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians. So, don’t look for answers from me.

— Alice Cooper (source)


Bahwasanya hakikat puasa itu adalah:

  1. Tidak perlu bilang-bilang
  2. Tidak perlu menyuruh orang lain ikut puasa
  3. Tidak perlu menjauhi hal yang dipuasai sampai pada tingkat yang ekstrim; hadapi saja seperti biasa
*habis puasa update status / post / komen di Facebook hampir 1 minggu tanpa perlu deaktivasi*

Once Upon a Time, There was a Girl who Hated Football

Once upon a time, there was a girl who hated football. Consequently, she despised the majority of men (“all men”, she argued, but I will consider only the majority for statistical correctness) for extremely liking football, and becoming excessively expressive whenever big matches came. One night, when the representatives of the people of the south travelled northward, she felt that it was enough for her, that the over cheers of the people around was too much for her tolerance. But, instead of bashing the men one by one, she wrote how she always hated men for always acting like immature kids on her Facebook wall, and hid those men’s updates one by one. One man, upon knowing that, did not seem to really care and said, “Well I would certainly hide her updates before she removes me!”

And to the girl who hated football, I would say only one thing. La, la, lalala, lalalalalalalalala~

Once Upon A Time, It Used to be the Devil against the Platoon of Heavily Armed Men

I still remember, when I started to follow football, particularly English Premier League, it was always the heated argument exchange between Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. It was like fire against fire. Following that was the time when it was impossible to beat Arsene’s army. But it was years ago. Now, the opposite happens. Six trophy-less years for Arsenal. Cesc and Samir considered it enough, and moved away to different teams. SAF defended Arsene. And the armory received heavy bombardment (see above). Hell, even feud is not eternal.

Time advances, eras change, the special one came and went, the neighbour is getting more noisy, and everything we have might cease to exist in an instantaneous blink. We have to move on, but I miss the old rivalry.

PS: Tontonlah sebelum dihapus Youtube

PPS: Judul postingan 50% nyolong dari status temen di FB

Yang Tak Terjadi

“Eh Dina, besok Sabtu ketemuan yuk!”, kata Andi pada Dina.

“Boleh boleh, di mana jam berapa?”

“Jam 11 bisa ga? Di bawah jam besar di taman kampus?”

“Sip deh, jam 11 di sana ya. See you!” ujar Dina sambil berlari ke kelas.


Sabtu, jam 1 siang. Dina tidak pernah datang.

lambrtz looks like this


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