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Some Thoughts on Math

God uses geometry as a mean for creation, scholars of the Middle Age believed (picture from Wikipedia)

God uses geometry as a mean for creation, scholars of the Middle Age believed (picture from Wikipedia)

One. I, being educated as a computer scientist, often cannot help thinking, upon reading papers from Pure Topology, as for how concepts mentioned there can be implemented using computer programming languages. For example, how do we implement the concept of vertex neighbourhood in C++? Whereas Computational Geometry was inaugurated in 1970s by Shannon and Chazelle (despite some earlier papers), probably Computational Topology had not seen as much attention until 1990s, and this sometimes makes me wonder whether implementations of topological concepts are harder to find. Either way, comparison between Pure Geometry, whose life spans across over 5000 years, and Computational Geometry (and Topology) is just like comparing an old, wise sage and a newborn baby.

Two. This semester, I am assigned as an example class assistant in Discrete Mathematics. While re-familiarising myself with concepts in it, an old thought emerges again, that Discrete Mathematics is considerably easier to grasp, let’s say if compared to Calculus, and we can see many applications of it in our daily lives. Some theories on propositional and predicate logic, for example, can help us to prevent ourselves from having fallacious thoughts and eventually making a cleaner blogosphere. Why is it then only taught in high schools (or equivalent levels)? Why is it not introduced earlier, let’s say in primary schools or secondary schools?

The Current State of Mind

I still remember when I was slightly younger, I always believed in this song, that all we have to do is to give peace a chance. However, it seems to me that my mind has flipped inside out. Ever since that period, I started growing hatred, cynicism, derision, towards many people of different characters, yet still sharing one same trait: that they fail to fulfill my expectations, either morally, ideologically, ethically, behaviourally, in achievement, in effort, in value, etc. I realised that I have far too high of a moral standard, one which I see many people fail to achieve. I started being judgmental, although this is not new; I have been judgmental since I was a kid, although I had been successful in its suppression for quite some time. I start checking people’s marriage statuses. Among all married members of Monty Python, only Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin have not had a divorce. David Beckham and Victoria Adams, despite some gossips, remain loyal to each other. And Samuel L. Jackson successfully managed to get out of his hometown to further his career, whereas, as he told The Guardians, “lots of my contemporaries never left Chattanooga.” (source) He has been married to the same wife for more than 20 years too, as well as possessing a family friendly image. I hope this continues for him. Anyway, the cool part of the story is, I might walk my later life with rigidity, enough to protect me and my family from strong tornadoes, yet enough to hack somebody’s back if s/he is not up to my expectation. I know, this is futile, this is fatal. But I don’t know what to do from here. I was told to lower my expectations, especially towards people not related to me, just to invoke a bit of calmness, but I don’t know, I haven’t been successful in doing that in the last few months.


Nothing’s wrong with this dress I wear 
Nothing’s wrong with this smile I dare 
Nothing’s wrong with my long black hair 
It’s all in your mind, in your mind 

1) Anggun Cipta Sasmi

A role model, a fighter, (apparently) a feminist, a modern, independent woman, the owner of an adorable, authentic Javanese beauty who never fails to make me feel seduced.


2) Dolores O’Riordan

To me, her most remarkable trait is her voice. Her voice and her short hair. Two…traits. And a somewhat small-town-ish and family friendly image. Three…traits. Anyway, the band she is in (The Cranberries) is one among some of the bands which caused a shift for me from 80’s hair rock to the more modern alternative rock. Definitely one of my favourite vocalists.


3) Kuroneko

Introducing, Kuroneko. A woman who is gorgeous and cute at the same time. Her vibrato is strong, let alone her long, silky black hair. Historical (or mythical) Japanese aura is certainly an amplification.


4) Noriko Sakai

It was this tender video below which made me fall in love to her. Well, up to her scandal. Nevertheless, it impressed me that she publicly apologised for her wrongdoings, and some years ago, she got enrolled in a university, supposedly to recover her life. Best wishes to her.


5) Gwen Stefani

Probably the only stereotypical blonde entry here. One might want to think of her as a Marilyn Monroe’s impersonator, but if that is really her, she has done that perfectly well, and she has a valid license to entice. Also, despite all the glitters, to my eyes she is still a humble woman (I might be wrong though).


6) Karen Carpenter

A classic beauty with nice voice, a handful of smiles, and delightful drumming. Too bad she had anorexia and passed away too early.


7) Reza Artamevia

Honourable mention. When she was younger, she was beautiful, she was gorgeous, she has a nice voice, she was seductive, in short she was a great talent. It’s a pity that her lifeline is ruined by unnecessary turmoils.


There are always stupid and wrong people in this world, let alone on the internet. If you always face them every time you meet them, you will just waste your time. The key here is to pick your fights wisely, so as to not lead your life goal astray.

Last Minute Concession

Yang bisa kita pelajari dari pertandingan Community Shield 2011/2012, dan beberapa pertandingin lain seperti final Liga Champions 1998/1999 adalah bahwasanya karena sebab apapun, kekasih yang ingin kita nikahi bisa saja menikah dengan orang lain tahun depan.

lambrtz looks like this


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