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After Reading 5 Centimetres Per Second Manga

  1. Takaki now belongs to the League of Uber-Foolishness. That’s 23 levels below the Premier League of Awesomeness. He was in the 15th level of the pyramid.
  2. Akari, whilst still sharing a bit of Takaki’s trait, is much better.
  3. Kanae looks cute, energetic, and sexy, despite being flat-chested, as she proclaimed. Not that I hate flat-chestedness, anyway. It’s just too bad that I often resent unambitious people, but at least she made that effort. Having said that, it might be the case that I grew slight interest to her; too bad again, she’s not real.
  4. That surfer guy in the last chapter looks adorable. I mean behaviourally.
  5. How much feeling is a male person allowed to show? That’s the question I have been asking for quite some time. It seems to be the gender requirement, emerging from biological and cultural evolution, that a man is expected to behave more rationally, instead of being emotionally-driven, and that is also why I adhere to near-stoicism (well men are still human being after all, hence the near- prefix). I, as an INTJ, don’t like being emotional, and also don’t like being in emotional situations as well. That’s why I also choose to work in a field in which my I deal mostly with logic. Nevertheless, being emotional is sometimes inevitable, even for ones like me, but it’s like the society is against touchy-feely men. “Wooo bocah kae gembeng tenan. Wong lanang kok gembeng.” Something like that.

lambrtz looks like this


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