I still remember years ago when I forgot to drink the milk my mother made for me one morning. Eventually ants came and took over the task of swimming in it. My father told me to wash the mug, and I felt really guilty. Indeed that was the intention: to know the value of food/drink.

Now I foolishly did that again. Well I have done that many times again in the course of a few years, but this one here somehow leaves me most guilty. Last week I bought a package of jambu air, but only after I reached home I realised that that was not the same jambu air I always buy. They are smaller and there are some seeds inside the jambus. It tastes differently too; a bit sour for me. So that’s why I only ate some of them. Now, 1 week after I bought that, I checked again to see that the remaining jambus are not in good conditions anymore. They are decomposing, so I don’t dare to eat them anymore, and instead I have to throw them away. I am really feeling guilty to the trees that bore these fruits and to the farmers, but what happened, happened. Now I can only strive to treat the bananas and strawberries better…


1 Response to “Decomposing”

  1. 1 William SEO 11/03/2012 at 2:52 PM

    Isn’t there a refrigerator? Some banana and apple bosok would still be awesome šŸ˜•

    I used to keep my susu bendera and coffee moka in the freezer to prevent them from bugs šŸ˜Ž

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