Almost one-third way upon the journey of our life™
I found myself lost in a forest so dim
Evening was it, when sun shone quite lazily
as he was about to leave for home.

And I sensed something extraordinary
happening near my leg,
being wet from the splashed water
from a water flow, a river, a shallow river
in which I saw a golden fish, no, two gold fishes,
and a quarrel.

Unusual for me, as a focused person
as I am accustomed to passing by with no attention
but that evening I took an extra effort
to stop, kneel down on one knee,
and see how the quarrel went.

So that was me at that time: an observer.

One was, admittedly, of a familiar variant,
which had been a routine subject of my study,
so that was it towards which I firstly put under scrutiny.
I knew not exactly what enraged it,
but I knew that it was enraged,
in a very unstable state of being enraged.
(How do I know, you ask?
Because as aforementioned, its kind had been my subject of study,
of which I had become very familiar,
although I have no desire to tell you further here,
lest it be too technical.)
Its motion, I monitored
Every single flap it made
Every silent shout it released
Every single movement of its joints
And its furs
And its behaviours
Mining information as much as I could

It was depressed

Sun was only partial now
hours had seem to pass
flinches were flying off
and realising that I had enough observing the first fish
to the other I put my sight

But of the other fish, I knew only very little
Because, although to tell you the truth, my Readers,
Obsession was actually it in the days of my childhood
Fear had it become in my university years
The topic I avoided the most
Due to my difficulty of comprehension

I am not a prolific researcher-fisherman
although I—I did, once, captured a fish identical
which had indeed expanded my world understanding
very brief though it was
as I eventually had to release due to it not being the exact type
which can live in my workshop pond
yet I was able to relate to all that ruckus I was witnessing
on the darker side of the forest

I was fascinated at it
which apparently exhibited a behaviour
of being aggressive towards the other
And tried closer to at it look
But only one blink of unconsciousness
and the fish, the second fish, was nowhere in front.
Looked I to my right,
far away to the direction of a dark cave
at which I found the missing fish
yet rocks, slippery rocks, decorated the bank of that part of the river,
which I, not with much aids, was not able to explore.
It seemed as the fish had found its prey.

The first fish stayed idle near my leg.

But jealousy in my heart I confess rose
As rapid it had been for the second fish to find a pellet
And as for me
whom life had brought to such eerie place
Not the slightest idea I had
To get even a tiny slice of bread

Dark it was and risen has no moon
Enough with the observation, I thought,
I left
with great hunger
without much light and particular knowledge
on how I could get out of the maze.


3 Responses to “Pisces”

  1. 1 Akiko 28/05/2012 at 7:07 PM

    I-ini… karya sendiri? :-O

  2. 2 lambrtz 28/05/2012 at 7:13 PM

    ^ Iya uni, karya sendiri. 😀 Walaupun dua kalimat pertamanya adaptasi dari Inferno-nya Dante wkwkwkwk

  3. 3 lambrtz 28/05/2012 at 7:14 PM

    *sekalian revisi, ada kalimat belom selesai rupanya* 😆

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