One-Third Midnight Blues

I may not argue if one says
that my very life is pretty much confined
to a circle with diameter 5 km.

But be that as it may
this modern life has seen
my little mind
flying off like an eagle
wandering rather freely
roaming around the world
to the hottest of Arabia
to the icy plain of Lapland
to the innermost mausoleum of the Holy See
along the winding path to the summit of Mount Kenya
crossing Styx, playing chess with Hades

I have been being a wolf
and I have been being a goat
I have been being a human
and I have been being a pig
I have been being a cow
and I have been being a sloth
I have been being a snake
and I have been being a penguin

…then as this mind returns home
Cold sweat I feel on my back
and chills down my spine
As my key
the key I brought away when I first left
has lost shape

Hardships imply transformations

Trembling, I insert the key to the door lock…

(to be continued)


3 Responses to “One-Third Midnight Blues”

  1. 2 lambrtz 19/01/2013 at 11:07 AM

    😆 I didn’t realise that.

    Except in here the next part(s) has(ve) not been written yet. 😛

  2. 3 jensen99 11/02/2013 at 7:45 PM

    …now upgrade your weapon. M-4 SWAT CQB in the second rack is best option in this level. Don’t forget to reload your shotgun. Close the door, turn left, shot the approaching zombies, run to backyard, shot all the wolves for extra healing herb, then waiting for the FMV. After short conversation with your colonel, answer yes…

    lah, jadi walkthrough RPG… 😆

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