Step by Step II

In this scorchingly sunny day,
I find myself in an unfamiliar place
But there is a growing dot in my sight
A big city with towering structures

Some people passed me by
Wealthy merchants, they seem to be,
Whose language I have never known before
Carrying quality gold and silk
They, men and women, are travelling to foreign lands

Cold air I feel on my spine
If I go there, I may find some help to continue my journey
But honestly, I have little courage of approaching it,
a city whose language I don’t speak
and I, coming from an impoverished village,
am meeting them is like a donkey meeting a tiger.

But more truthfully, weeks have passed since I started encircling that very city,
and I am tired of wandering around.

So I begin to walk, step by step, towards it…

(Hopefully) at the other end of al-Naqab
Year 521, probably the seventh moon, after a deadly sandstorm

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