Before I started my journey,
when I was much younger,
I ran away from home
leaving for a wadi in the middle of desert
rumoured to be a gold deposit
abandoned by people of the past

Well I was young
so I prepared not much
and bandits did roam the place
where the gold deposit was actually non-existent
and the lore was all a lie.
Enough to say that I was once beaten and abducted
And my whole village people had to attack the bandit’s lair and rescue me

Once home, I cried
But Father and Mother didn’t scold me
They were happy that I reached home safely


It is a scar I still carry even today
I am scared
What if Murrakus is not like what I thought?
What if it is actually a filthy place?
What if all the promises are all lies?
My journey will be a waste!


So I opened a letter my Father wrote to me
shortly before he passed away.

“The reason why I named you Akbar
is so that you become a great person.
Go to every corner of the Earth,
and conquer prosperous territories Iskandar never had.”

I smiled.

The night is late
I should sleep soon.

Nearing the misterious city in al-Naqab
Year 521, probably the seventh moon


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