Es Teh Manis

At this very night
I would like to cherish every single moment
and say to the other me in the mirror,

“You have done a great job today.
You have been mean,
you have done justice.
You are the baddest;
you are the man.”

For not only have I been cruel and fierce today,
but I have also beaten my utmost insecurity
In every single aggravated heartbeat
breathes the monster of hatred.

I am the exact opposite of Nightcrawler.
I am a sinner with a naive face.
A thief with intellectual look,
a cynic with flowery tongue,
a laughing murderer.

I defy the God and the gods
and all the commands in the books
and ridicule those who worship.

In every man’s heart is an angel and a demon.
Tonight is the demon’s victory.

But the time has come for us to end the night
and revive the angel in the next morning.
The demon would now return to its lair
in the deepest part of the heart
and rise again on the next glorious day.
When is exactly that day, nobody knows.
Only the demon knows.
But one thing we can be assured of.
Signs will tell.


Just posting a poem I made some time last month.


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