The Recent National Strike and Me

Yesterday in Indonesia, many doctors (as in medical practitioners) were on strike to show sympathy towards one of their peers who was sentenced for imprisonment due to malpractice accusation…or something like that. One of the consequences was that many patients did not get immediate treatments. People in social media, I believe, talk about this issue, as noisy as what can be expected from social media (although I am quite lucky for my decision years ago to only select a few whom I will view regularly, so the noise I received is reduced to some extent). But that’s all that I know. Actually, to be honest, I do not in general have any interest on the issue, since [it has little to do with me], and even if so, I cannot think of how I can contribute to solve the problem.

Except for one thing.

My mother is a psychiatrist, and somehow I have a little feeling that those who cursed the doctors yesterday also cursed my mother. I was thinking of calling her, but my father called me first, so I used that occasion to talk to my mother, whether she and her colleagues joined the strike, how it was doing in the hospital, etc.

Well, I don’t want to write too much here about what she said, but I was glad that she was OK. 😛

2 Responses to “The Recent National Strike and Me”

  1. 1 Difo Aldiaz (@bapakguru) 28/11/2013 at 2:14 AM

    My mother is a psychiatrist, and somehow I have a little feeling that those who cursed the doctors yesterday also cursed my mother.

    Ah yes, I understand this very soundly. My mother was a police officer—that just about says it all I should suppose…

    I’d like to elaborate but I feel it won’t be necessary. In brief, the curses are by and large benign when applied to a personal level though still annoying.

  2. 2 jensen99 30/11/2013 at 11:59 AM

    I believe that some doctors really must go to jail for long time. Justice for all. But reading discussion about Defensive Medicine as a counter strategy against malpractice accusation quite scares me. For real.

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