It’s a Wonderful World

This day has been good to me.

I woke up earlier than usual, and I managed to sneak in to the early working time slot.

I had breakfast in the canteen not far from my lab. Slightly different than usual: 3 pieces of kaya toast, instead of the usual 5, and two half-boiled eggs, with teh-o gelas. Perfect Singaporean breakfast.

The rest of the day started slowly. But I managed to finish two slides my professor asked me to do (although I realised afterwards that I forgot some to add some contents; I can do it tomorrow). FYI I will be assisting him in a class that he teaches this semester, and I had been doing the slides for a few days already.

I also managed to liaise with other colleagues on another report.

In short, I accomplished a few tasks today.

In the evening, I went back home early.

I stopped by midway in a canteen to buy a cup of sliced fruits.

I walked slowly this evening, enjoying the clear evening breeze.

Not far my apartment, a primary school posted an advertisement for canteen stalls. One of the required stalls is “Muslim noodle”. This term always tickles me. I have a feeling that that probably means a stall that sells various Malay noodle dishes, e.g. mee siam, mee goreng, mee soto. However, if I were to sell halal [Lanzhou lamian], that would still be considered Muslim noodle too. In fact, that is the most common halal cuisine in China, if Wikipedia can be trusted on this. But anyway, that was just my imagination.

At home, I went to the washroom to do my business for a short while. It was so relaxing.

I then went out again to jog. I managed to jog around the complex where I live twice, or about 3 km. Without walking. That was quite an achievement for me. The key is actually to relax while running, and try to think about something else.

I then had a dinner of MUTTON SOUP in a nearby food court. FYI I don’t mutton very often, and the last time I ate mutton was when I returned home around 6 months ago, when my colleagues visited me. I can’t even remember when I had mutton soup the last time. I decided to eat one after I submitted my paper, which I did 2 days ago, just to give myself a small reward.

Probably the only bad news today was 1) my internet bill this month is 5x the usual bill. Yes I am pointing at you, Steam sales! 2) I experimented to cook instant noodle with rice cooker (Indonesian: magic jar/com?), but it failed. I let the noodle boiled for too long, and in the end the noodle was too soft.

All in all, 11;59 PM, and I feel happy. It’s a strange feeling of happiness, but anyway it’s a wond—


This is the beginning of the end.

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