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So I did it.

I probably should have written it earlier but anyways it has been about 1.5 months since I travelled to Cardiff. The trip took 1 whole day, and I needed to switch transportation modes a few times: taxi to Changi – air flight to Frankfurt – air flight to London – coach to Cardiff.

Well things have been interesting here. I need to adapt to the harsh(?) cold winter that I had never experienced. I need to cook for myself. And my BRP was late to the point that it raised some administration issues—but nonetheless almost everything is settled now.

Indonesians often complain that Singapore is boring because of its minuscule size. I did share that view. However during my 8 years of stay there, I found living in Singapore to be convenient. Too convenient actually. That I don’t need to cook, I can buy hot food almost everytime I want, even supermarkets and convenience stores near my apartment are open 24 hours, whereas here there are no food courts let alone hawker centres, food in restaurants are expensive, and the buses are not as frequent, not to mention the Brexit issue always sitting around the corner. So I am grateful for this experience. I quit my comfort zone to move here, and I look forward to seeing more interesting stuffs and continuing my career here while better taking care of myself.

The title is from the kind of birds I often see flying here. Those big white birds. Actually not sure what they are. Maybe seagulls, albatross, or something else? But their sound reminds me of that the squawks of seagulls in the psychedelic section in Echoes. It’s a nice sign that I am actually in the UK.

lambrtz looks like this


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