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Kiki’s Delivery Service, and How I Can Relate to It

Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service (click for the Wikipedia article)

A few months ago, I started a new hobby: to watch Ghibli’s movies while folding my clothes. Before starting this, I watched their movies randomly, but I decided to do it chronologically, and thus started from Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa (yes yes I know it’s not Ghibli’s but somehow there is a connection via Hayao Miyazaki), and just now I arrived at Kiki’s Delivery Service (KDS).

I give this movie 4/5. I have to admit that it’s not quite memorable to me, compared to, let’s say, Grave of the Fireflies which depressed me. Being a journey-kid story, I feel it lacks something, or rather, someone: a person who will take advantage of the protagonist’s naivety. Everybody in the movie seems to be a nice person, whereas just in the evening before I read about Grace Quek, previously and widely known as [Annabel Chong], at that time a girl studying in London and already experienced among the harshest thing you can find in the world: being raped. Even [Sans Famille], also known in Indonesia as Remi, teaches you more, about family rejection, grief from death, starvation, and other psychologically-challenging hardness one can find on the street. I can list some more “complaints”: Kiki doesn’t seem to travel far enough, and everybody in Koriko even speaks the same language as Kiki’s (it is Japanese, although apparently Koriko resembles a European city). But anyway, KDS might not aim for the same audience, so it might not be a good idea to compare it with those stories.

Despite my criticisms, I can relate to KDS. Depression is no stranger to me, and I believe Kiki’s experience dealing with new environment, insecurity, and personal “quarter life crisis” will help her becoming a great witch in the future. I also praise the tradition of “merantau” or, loosely translated, adventuring among the witch diaspora. I always appreciate the idea of migration, as it helps us understanding foreign cultures and related clashes with our own ideology. It also mentally shapes us, so it is amazing that a girl as young as 13, as in the case of Kiki, was so eager to take her own journey away from her hometown. Ha, even she was concerned that if she were to stay to long in her town, she might bump into love too early and could not leave at all! The younger me also wrote this poem back in 2008, on the now-dead blog, but nevertheless still accessible through the Wayback Machine: [Love can Wait]. It was so raw and amateurish, yet it was purely baked from the deepest part of my heart. Ha!

Kudos to Kiki. Wish her luck in her journey.

Final note. Kiki was lucky as she was not born on this Earth. [Earthlings might burn her alive for performing witchcraft].

Nostalgia: Studi Kasus tentang Ingatan, Pertumbuhan, dan Perasaan pada saat Menonton Kembali Saint Seiya

Beberapa hari ini saya menonton kembali Saint Seiya, salah satu anime favorit saya ketika kecil. Anime yang lagunya saya nyanyikan terus walaupun dengan lirik kacau balau (wong waktu itu ga ngerti Bahasa Jepang sama sekali), dan gerakan tokoh-tokohnya, terutama Aurora Thunder Attack-nya Hyouga, dengan tekun saya tiru, sampai-sampai saya selalu disindir Babe plus anggota-anggota keluarga besar saya setiap kali kami mengunjungi mereka. Sampai sekarang.

Sejujurnya, tidak banyak yang saya ingat dari plot anime ini, selain jalan cerita utama Sanctuary Arc ketika mereka mendaki bukit menghadapi 12 Ksatria Emas untuk pada akhirnya melawan Paus Arles. Itupun detilnya tidak banyak saya ingat. Sebetulnya ya wajar ya, wong sudah sekitar 20 tahun berlalu, dan waktu itupun saya masih kecil. Makanya saya menonton kembali anime ini.

Menonton kembali anime ini memunculkan kembali ingatan soal perasaan-perasaan yang sudah lama hilang. Perasaan kagum dan…entah apalah namanya, ketika para ksatria mengenakan baju zirah mereka, dengan animasi yang menampilkan satu per satu bagian baju zirah mereka, dari pelindung kaki, lutut, badan, tangan, lalu kepala mereka, melayang dan menempel ke badan. Ya, saya yang sekarang memang sudah besar, dan sudah bisa banyak protes kalau ada bagian-bagian dari anime ini yang tidak rasional (misalnya soal betapa mudahnya para ksatria itu berpindah-pindah dari satu negara ke negara lain dalam waktu beberapa hari saja, sementara teman saya [Koh Eon] butuh waktu dan perjuangan luar biasa untuk bisa mendapatkan visa demi berjalan-jalan di Eropa). Namun, saya ingat betul bahwa pada saat itu saya pernah merasakan kagum pada adegan-adegan pemasangan baju zirah ini.

Kendati demikian, saya baru saja tertegun ketika melihat adegan datangnya [Steel Saints] (ksatria baja?).

(karena saya tidak menemukan potongan animenya, ini video review action figure Steel Saints)

Walaupun saya masih ada sedikit ingat-ingat soal ksatria non tokoh utama, macam Shaina, Marin (bahkan masih ingat samar-samar bahwa Marin ini <SPOILER>diduga saudara perempuan Seiya, walaupun sebetulnya bukan</SPOILER>), serta beberapa ksatria lain pasca Sanctuary Arc, saya tidak ingat sama sekali soal Steel Saints ini. Padahal, mereka ini unik, karena berbeda dari ksatria-ksatria lain, zirah mereka berasal dari kendaraan yang dibongkar, dan ini mengingatkan saya pada serial-serial super sentai atau super robot. Namun, herannya, ketika menonton adegan kemunculan pertama mereka di anime, badan saya serasa bergetar. Ada perasaan tertentu yang, walaupun saya tidak ingat sama sekali, muncul lagi, dan baru saya ingat kembali. Saya sempat tidak yakin, apakah perasaan ini dulu muncul ketika menonton Saint Seiya juga. Tapi ya, memang dari Saint Seiya. Perasaan ini berbeda dari perasaan menonton animasi baju zirah ksatria lain. Sebuah perasaan khusus yang muncul hanya ketika ksatria-ksatria ini tampil.

Otak saya tidak mengingat mereka, tapi badan saya ingat. Kosmo saya menggelegak, mendesak seakan ingin meledak.

Luar biasa.



I just finished [Hadashi no Gen 2], which is the sequel of the anime I watched yesterday and wrote about here. I really adore this kid Gen (who turns out to be the reflection of the author himself), who at his early age is able to act bravely and independently, often crossing morale boundary, to help his mother and adopted brother. In fact, I really adore the Nakaoka family. Daikichi (such a manly name), a father with a “traitorous” but enlightened mind, yet still being able to provide protection, safety, financial support, and care during a dark period in Japan’s history. Kimie, probably the portrayal of an ideal yamato nadeshiko, a caring, kind woman who is willing to sacrifice and provides love even when she is ill and suffers from malnutrition. But in this post, I want to write about how I can somehow relate my life with this movie. Although not in a good way.

Our family had the “privilege” to experience one natural disaster, [the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake], among the biggest and devastating we ever see in our entire life. Even our relative, the sibling of one of my paternal grandparents (I can’t remember precisely her relation to us), said that she had seen no bigger earthquake in Yogyakarta in the last 1 century. Because the back of our home was deemed too unsafe, it was destroyed, and we had to sleep in a small building my late uncle (he died several years before that) built. All I remember now is how I always complaint about how hot it was there when taking a nap, and how sickness was always transmitted from one person to another because we all had to sleep there in one room. Hell, that disaster was big, but it was not as big as the Hiroshima atomic bomb, yet I cannot remember any good thing I did at that time. And I was the oldest son, and I was almost 20. And many friends suffered more than me: a friend’s house was totally wrecked, and another friend lost his grandma. Yet I always complaint. Even I didn’t help much in the house reconstruction, and my final year project was also delayed, because I got frustrated easily (well I admit it was tough to do a project on a topic with not many experts available around) and seemed to waste much time in playing PES and Dota, although fortunately I could still graduate on time.

In the last few years, I have learnt my lesson that it is life challenges and hardness like this which shape people’s mentality. That’s why I believe Gen will grow up to be a tough man. In my case, however, even though I don’t come from a rich family, I grow up in a somehow more comfortable environment. Yes there are shits here and there, but compared to other people’s lives (even maybe compared to those of my parents’ when they were young), I think I can consider myself lucky. This is indeed a privilege, but on the other hand I feel that I am not challenged enough to grow a mature mentality, a mentality which can help me endure every darkest possibility human civilisation ever experiences. I feel ashamed due to this.

Well, what happened in the past has passed, I made terrible mistakes in the past, and there is no way I can fix it as it seems to me people already forget it. So I can only learn from this and do better and be tougher from now on.

To close this post, I am surprised to see how I can write a post containing such thought, a real far cry from what I wrote about 3 years ago [link, no 1]. [emo]This lambrtz phase 2-thingy seems to make me darker than ever deep inside[/emo], but at least I am better-informed.

Short Review: Hadashi no Gen (1983)

Hadashi no Gen

Hadashi no Gen (click for Wikipedia article and image source)

I never thought that this anime will be one I will praise. I was looking for light anime I could enjoy while folding my clothes, but this turned out to be one which caused my jaw to drop for a quite long time. I didn’t expect this to have some gory portrayal of melting, half- to fully rotten bodies. Nevertheless, this anime is emotionally touching. This is a manly movie. This boy Gen, six year of age, has to personally take care of his mother while he himself is haunted by the fresh memory of seeing some family members burnt alive and died. Some successes, some failures, but I believe when he grows up he will become a tough man.

But there are certain elements which I humbly feel lack. It’s too good to be true that Gen was safe and sound, only suffering from hair loss due to the radioactive element (?) he got from the dying soldier, while a person standing next to him during the bomb explosion was half-burnt and died. It sounds miraculous too for her mother to be safe, being able to deliver her baby.

I give this anime 5/5. The maximum point I’ve ever given was 6/5, so in fact I feel sinful not to give it 6/5. But that’s how it is. 5/5

I was about to write the afore-struck-through paragraphs, before I found out that the manga and the anime was actually based on [the author’s real life]. I think he saw and experienced many elements of this work himself. I give it 6/5.


Saya ingat sebuah komik Doraemon, tentang alat diktator untuk menghilangkan orang yang tidak kita suka. Nobita (seperti biasa) menyalahgunakannya untuk menghilangkan orang-orang yang tidak disukainya, mulai dari Giant, Suneo, dan lalu pada suatu ketika dia tidur, tombol di alat tersebut tertekan dan Nobita menghilangkan semua orang di dunia, termasuk ibu Nobita, Doraemon, Shizuka, dll. Sedih datang, lalu senang tiba, karena tak ada orang yang mengganggu. Itu tak lama, karena dia jadi susah sendiri ketika lampu di rumahnya mati: tidak ada orang di PLN yang mengoperasikan listrik. Ternyata penghilangan orang-orang itu sementara saja. Doraemon muncul kembali, dan berkata bahwa sesungguhnya alat itu diciptakan untuk menghukum diktator, untuk membuatnya merasakan kesepian.

Sekarang, menghilangkan orang yang tidak kita sukai agak lebih mudah. Tinggal hide story, atau unsubscribe saja di Facebook. Sama sekali tidak repot. Yang jadi pertanyaan adalah…

…dengan melenyapkan update status dari orang-orang tersebut, apakah kesepian akan datang melanda? :v

…apakah akan ada karma dari tindakan tersebut? :v

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