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Renungan Martabak


Postingan ini adalah sebuah respon terhadap foto martabak yang diunggah [Fritz] di Facebook, seperti tergambar di atas.

  1. Tentang martabak: Ini baru martabak! Bukan “martabak” manis alias terang bulan itu!
  2. Tentang sepi jualan: di sebuah kantin di sini ada satu stall yang sepi, walaupun lokasinya di dekat pintu masuk. Jualannya katanya makanan Cina ala Taiwan. Yang jualan juga bapak ibu sekitar paruh baya. Kalo waktu makan siang sepiiiii begitu. Jarang sekali saya liat ada yang beli. Beberapa minggu/bulan lalu saya nyoba beli juga. Setelah dimakan, yaa…memang bisa dimengerti kenapa sepi. Ndak ada rasanya. Lama saya ndak beli lagi…kemarin kami ke kantin itu lagi, stallnya udah kosong. Bisnis makanan memang keras. Kalo kerja kantoran, ada kolega/bos yang marahin situ. Kalo jualan begini, ndak ada feedback dari siapa-siapa. Pembeli ndak kasih info apapun. :/
  3. Tentang lapak di pinggir jalan depan rumah: waktu di Jogja dulu, ada bapak-bapak jualan ayam mentah di perempatan dekat rumah, lagi motong-motong ayamnya. Itu sekitar 6-7 pagi. Mungkin bapak itu baru buka jualan, jadi belom ada yang beli. Kami–saya dan bapak saya–lewat naik mobil. Bapak saya nyapa, “laris Pak…” “Njih, matur nuwun,” jawab sang bapak penjual ayam. Buat saya menarik sih. Di Singapore ndak ada yang ngucapin begitu. Mungkin kalo di sini udah diteriakin, “laris laris, beli dong!”, setidaknya bingung. 😆
  4. Tentang martabak lagi: di Jogja kemarin saya nganterin beberapa temen orang asing + Indonesia jalan-jalan. Salah satunya ngidam(tm) martabak jalanan. Maka belilah kami martabak dari mas-mas yang jualan di dekat tempat mereka nginap. Belinya martabak spesial pake sosis dan jamur jumbo, pokoknya yang paling besar dan paling mahal buat mereka, beli dua! Bikinnya terasa lama, soalnya kami musti pergi ke tempat lain buat acara selanjutnya. Lalu setelah jadi satu, ebuset ternyata besar banget. Saya bingung, ini mereka (lima orang, plus saya plus teman bapak yang nyopirin) bisa habis ga. Elhadalah, beberapa jam kemudian dua martabak jumbo itu habis. Dan itu mereka masih pingin nambah martabak Italia aka pizza, jumbo dua juga. -_-


Hello again.

Life has been hectically hectic in the last few weeks, but I don’t think I can/should tell much here, other than this involved me camping in the lab for a few days and reversing my active schedule, being active at night and dormant in the morning. My friend cum rival [Koh Eon] called this “creating one’s own jetlag”. Another thing, the word “[capalang]” has been very familiar to my ear. In Indonesia, we call it “seksi sibuk”.

For these reasons, among a few others, I have been quite inactive on Facebook. I have not been in a mood to have lengthy discussions about pointless, trivial stuffs, although admittedly, I have a number of questions as well as cynical remarks in my mind. This includes questions about another perspective about things which recently happened in the Indonesian embassy in Germany, about our vice president’s statement on loudspeakers in Indonesian mosques, about politics in campus, and many others. Albeit me stating things here, please do not bother to mention things about them, lest my ignoring your comments.

For leisure, I have gone to the city a few times in the last one week. I, Koh Eon, and two other labmates KMD and AC went to a [ramen championship] in Bugis. It says that the chefs are among the famous in Japan, coming from the corners of Hakata to Sapporo, so the taste of the meals must be authentic and of a high standard.  These chefs are competing with each other to find whose stalls are the most wanted. I tried spicy tsukemen, which, unlike ramen, has the noodle and the soup served separately. Well it was quite nice, but not in my best list. Certainly it must be quite hard for Indonesians to appreciate delicacies of other nations. At about 15 SGD per serving, it might be comparable to mid-range restaurants in Singapore. I don’t know how this compares to restaurants in Japan.

Two days ago I and Koh Eon had a kopdar with [Felicia] and her friend, initial F (?), in Chinatown, Singapore. You can see some photos of us in Koh Eon’s photo album.

Among the blogs I newly discover is [100 Reasons NOT to Go to Grad School]. Another demotivational blog. Some points in it pierce my heart so deep (the use of an adjective, instead of an adverb, is deliberate). Indeed the most elite universities are always mostly filled by those graduates of Ivy League and Oxbridge, so as an underperforning student of a young university, my inferiority complex and worry about my future raised again when I read it. [One commentator] even went as far as, “If you can’t get into a top grad program, what makes you think you can get a top job? Reality check, people!” Although, well, yes and no. This might be statistically true. However, having got their PhD degrees for arguably less internationally known universities, some professors, like Hiroshi Ishii and Pattie Maes, manage to teach and do research in globally famous universities, like MIT’s Media Lab in their case. At the end, it depends on what kind of paths you want to take. Let’s not discuss about my situation with respect to this idea. Anyway, there are two other things. One, I can’t help being confused when the writer argue about salary. Indeed if you want to earn much money, you work for bank or oil companies, not as a medieval English literature researcher. Two, I think everything there is mentioned from the point of view of an American, which might be applicable to other people from other developed countries. However, if you are unlucky enough to be born in third-world countries, it is very unlikely for you to list down Stanford or MIT or Cambridge as a university you realistically want to get enrolled at after your graduation from high school, let alone teaching in world class universities, and therefore teaching in a globally second or third class university is already good enough. We just didn’t have such luxury, which sucked. This also motivates me to go and settle in another country, so that my descendants, if I ever find my rare-breed soulmate, have better opportunities than me.

Enough of this rage.

Lastly, to end this post, here is a picture of Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy. Hot enough for a lady, I often imagine her hissing like a snake above me.

Angela Gossow (via Wikipedia)

Angela Gossow (via Wikipedia)


I still remember years ago when I forgot to drink the milk my mother made for me one morning. Eventually ants came and took over the task of swimming in it. My father told me to wash the mug, and I felt really guilty. Indeed that was the intention: to know the value of food/drink.

Now I foolishly did that again. Well I have done that many times again in the course of a few years, but this one here somehow leaves me most guilty. Last week I bought a package of jambu air, but only after I reached home I realised that that was not the same jambu air I always buy. They are smaller and there are some seeds inside the jambus. It tastes differently too; a bit sour for me. So that’s why I only ate some of them. Now, 1 week after I bought that, I checked again to see that the remaining jambus are not in good conditions anymore. They are decomposing, so I don’t dare to eat them anymore, and instead I have to throw them away. I am really feeling guilty to the trees that bore these fruits and to the farmers, but what happened, happened. Now I can only strive to treat the bananas and strawberries better…

Majority and Minority


A: Hi, I’ve got some snacks for you guys. This one (pointing to one snack) is halal, but I don’t know about the other one. So it’s fine if you don’t—

B: (suddenly interrupts) Actually I don’t care 😆

A: …oh, OK 😆



C: OK, so…where do you want me to bring you?

D: What about having lunch together? Do you know any good restaurant around here?

C: Hmmm…it depends; what kind of food do you want to have?

D: OK, let’s just go to your favourite restaurant. In which restaurant do you often have lunch?

C: Ah, I know a place. I’ll bring you there

(…after arriving there…)

C: I used to work there (pointing to a nearby shophouse), so during lunch time I usually went here.

D: Aha, I see. Let’s see what they have here…

C: Do you like pork?

D: (Wut 😯 ) Do you eat pork? You don’t, do you?

C: No I don’t

D: Hmmm…what is that?

C: Hmmm…I don’t know, maybe pig organs?

D: …oh, OK 😯 I think I’ll just eat fish.

Kembul Bojana with Indian Food

Semuanya berawal beberapa hari yang lalu ketika salah satu teman lab saya bercerita kalau dia memesan kotak makan siang dari catering tempat teman yang lain, katakanlah namanya D (bukan inisial asli), biasa beli. Continue reading ‘Kembul Bojana with Indian Food’

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