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A Coptic Hymn

As an Indonesian, I automatically perceive Arabic chants as Islamic. Well I don’t speak Arabic, so when I listened the above hymn it is very very hard for me to accept that it is a part of Christian tradition. I have to listen very carefully for any word I am familiar with; I think I heard some “Kyrie”s there. Also, I live with a Protestant family, and the neighbour next door is a Muslim family, so I am wondering if they think I am listening to an Islamic prayer, as IMO Orthodox Christianity, let alone the Coptic rite, is not widely known in this part of the world. But I have loved Arabic chants for a few years already, and somehow listening to this song makes me want to attend a Coptic service someday.

Update: I played the video again and realised that the video actually begins in English (…and forgive us our sins)! Gosh, it does take time!

Another update: not only does the video begin in English, but the first half of the video seems to be entirely in English! So I can confirm that my Indonesian ears are more sensitive to the Arabic tone than the actual prayer.


Kasihilah Musuhmu

Komentar Uni Akiko di sini membuat saya berpikir, seberapa sering kita mendoakan musuh kita, dan bukannya justru mengutuki mereka? Continue reading ‘Kasihilah Musuhmu’

Sabda Tuhan Sejauh Ini

Sabda Tuhan yang kenol pada tahun kedelapan, “Lebah Madu”. Continue reading ‘Sabda Tuhan Sejauh Ini’


1) Daniel Continue reading ‘Random’

Dialog Imajiner

Dan di pojokan kantin kampus aku bertemu dengan Yesus. Dia masih dengan kaos oblong yang sering dia pakai, warna hitam, ada simbol A merah terlingkar di belakang. Jins bolong di lutut dan sandal jepit Swallow butut. Dilepasnya earphone MP3 player dari telinganya, lirih terdengar lagu Sex Pistols, “No future, no future for you…”, dia memesan semangkuk bakso, pakai soun, juga segelas es teh manis, dan duduk di depanku sambil tersenyum.

Dan dengannyalah semua keluh kesahku tercurah. Betapa beberapa waktu lalu aku memperlihatkan borok yang lama tersembunyi, tak sengaja, dan akupun sambil termenung berkata,

Bos, aku ki kok ngene yo, ket biyen wis sadar kekuranganku, tur ra iso mari, sih sok metu ae.”


Le, kan ngerti to kowe, Hukum Murphy? Kabeh menungsa ki mesti  nduwe salah, lan mesti bakal salah, lha iki pas gek apes, borokmu metu…wis nyesel rung saiki kowe?”

Uwis Sus…tenanan aku ngrasa nyesel gara-gara kuwi”

Ha yo wis, kowe wis nglakokne sing iso mbok lakokke. Ncen ora iso sakdeg saknyet kabeh langsung beres, ora iso ngono. Ning sing jelas kowe wis nyesel, kuwi wis apik. Mulane suk neh nek tumindak sing ngati-ati, dipikir sik. Ncen angel nek wis gawan bayi ngono…heheh, tur yo kudu diusahakke yo. OK OK?

Nggih Gusti…

Nggih pun, ayo madhang bareng, aku yo gek ngelih iki, ket isuk rung sarapan.

Pesanan kami datang — saya sudah memesan sebelumnya — , dan kami menyelesaikan makan siang. Dia dengan lahapnya, dan aku perlahan-lahan…

The Satan in Me, and on Repressing Him

So despite my image as a Mr Nice Guy *halah*, lately I have done a contemplation and realised that I have some unholy tendencies, some of which I have been having since I was a kid, and are waiting to unleash when opportunities come. Those are:

  • Trollish nature. When confronted with clichéd, orthodox and irrational ideas, I can’t help to raise my libertard soul and activate my killjoy plugin. Ask Mbak Lumiere, she knows this. 😛
  • Revengeful heart. I sometimes want to cause exactly the same misfortune to the person previously inflicting it to me, so that s/he can know how it feels to be treated that way. In other words, I want to show that s/he is not the only person who can do that: I can do it too.
  • Reflective behaviour. You do me good and I will treat you good, you do me bad and I will treat you bad.
  • Ten thousand grudges. You do me bad, I can forgive you (well I am a forgiving person), but I will keep it in my mind until some time. Until then, I can’t help to feel uneasy with you. Have had this a couple of times, for years. Back then I had a problem with one senior, maybe I was not polite too in asking, and he scolded me really hard (well he had a reputation for being short-tempered), and I ceased to talk with him for years, even avoiding the place where he likes to dwell.
  • Pissing off the pissed off. Are you angry for no apparent reason? I will be tempted to lure you to an even more catastrophic explosion. A schaudenfraude. When we were still kids, my brother was angry for no good reason, and I made him even angrier.

These are indeed bad things. Jesus says that:

38 You have heard that it has been said: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. 39 But I say to you not to resist evil: but if one strike you on your right cheek, turn to him also the other:

Matthew 5:38-39

and also

43 You have heard that it has been said, You shall love your neighbour, and hate your enemy. 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you:

Matthew 5:43-44

and those passages condemn my tendencies that I mentioned. I ideally endorse pacifism, a passive rebellion, and, also slightly influenced by Buddhism, I also believe that bad emotions are bad and are not supposed to be disbursed at all. These are signs of anger. Hate and anger are very big sins to me, and thank God, I can repress them most of the time. I also suspect my introversion to play a significant role here: I cannot show anger and I must not show it. I always try to act according to the constructed morality set that I create and apply only to myself, but sometimes it fails though, so whenever it happens, I would like to offer my sincere apologies. These, along with greed, might be the big sins I will carry until I die.


PS: Of course I know the alternative meaning of the biblical passage above. It’s still not related to vengeance though, IMO. Liberation theology FTW. :mrgreen:

PPS: By sin, I don’t refer to sin as per its religious meaning, which I don’t really care. By sin, it means causing discomfort to somebody else.

PPPS: Jesus is figure numero zero to me, before John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi. I wholeheartedly believe that he was pretty much a left-winger figure. Hospitable, compassionate, yet rebellious and courageous inside. A person whom I deeply adore. So I hope you, my dear readers, don’t mind if I put his action here and there. This acts as both my secular and religious manifesto.




Biblical verses source:

Superman’s Thread

Short post. Manusiasuper posted a new status on Facebook this morning, quoting some sentences from Geddoe‘s post. And I really love how the thread goes! And when I say I really love it, I really mean it. I am alone in my lab and can’t stop LOLing.

Look, I am not always in agreement with Geddoe, but I really love to see some people get pissed off. We should do this more often.

lambrtz looks like this


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