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The Disappointed Laymen

And thus the time came when those elite level clergymen announced that they had been wrong in the last few hundred years. They had developed and used wrong, or at best highly inaccurate, mechanisms which came into common practice in ceremonies. They had also established unintentionally false philosophies, which eventually became the general understanding of the faith for common people, who just usually followed what the clergymen said, and who never really reasoned about so-and-so issues in faith. That was actually sensible, because these laymen did not possess proper background to make faithful reasoning. Anyway, the correction made by the clergymen implied three things. Firstly, the people who believed and followed them had been consequently led to doing what they should not have done. Secondly, the people who opposed the philosophy, either secretly or openly, had made an unnecessary struggle, as finally it was the clergymen themselves who clarified. Lastly, the indifferent minority were clearly ones who were least influenced by the change. But still, they were wrong for not having sturdy stance!

Soon afterwards, these laymen, the grass root faithful, began to cry. Confusion spread, and disappointment culminated. They thought, they were condemned! Following that was terrific riots, in front of worship places, in front of the Ministry of Faith branch offices (of course in countries which have so), and in front of foreign embassies and consulates representing the country from which the announcing clergymen came. Faisal JX022, semi-automatic assault rifle whose image was commonly associated to leftist militia, suddenly and out of nowhere came into people’s belongings. This weapon, among several others, was used in the biggest manslaughter people ever saw in the post-modern era. Clearly, for a few days afterwards, people forgot that by faith, they should not have expressed excessive anger, let alone engaging in violence.

I’m a rock singer. I’m nothing more than that. I’m not a philosopher. I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians. So, don’t look for answers from me.

— Alice Cooper (source)

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