Sekat, Part II

Volume a: Gelap dan Terang

Habis terang adalah gelap
Dan habis gelap terbitlah terang
Namun terang adalah gelap tak lekang


Volume b: Girl in Black

Just now, in Tanah Merah. I saw a girl standing next to me. When the train arrived, she entered after me, and immediately stood in front of me, leaning against the plastic partition. She was totally in black, wearing black long-sleeved blazer, black pants, black leather shoes, and black rope bracelet. An iPhone was attached to her pants, and she wore the earphones right after entering the train, a sign that she would not like to be disturbed. At that time I saw her ears—earring-less. She wasn’t particularly cute or beautiful, just sweet. Her eyebrows were thick black, and her naturally long, straight black hair, upper half of whose back side was tied into ponytail, swung freely in the air. Her lips—oh, what thick lips, similar to those of me! On her hand was a ring-bound document, showing a table of sparse texts, and the back-cover was bright red, as she appeared going for work. I noticed her ring finger empty.

Sweet girl indeed. But I didn’t bother to pick a line.

She was a Malay.

I continued reading Jules Verne, and she alighted at City Hall, disappearing at the crowd, as I was not yet halfway through my journey to Pioneer.

4 Responses to “Sekat, Part II”

  1. 1 lambrtz 31/01/2011 at 12:48 PM

    Volume b, aka how to re-tell Arman-ish story in yud1-ish tone. 😆

  2. 2 yud1 31/01/2011 at 1:53 PM

    hmm… not exactly like me (well that’s a good thing), but it’s quite refreshing at least.

    Her lips—oh, what thick lips, similar to those of me!

    *entah kenapa gak tahan untuk* 😆

  3. 3 sora9n 31/01/2011 at 5:26 PM

    As an ethnic Javanese who tends to fall in love with Minang girl, I’m getting a kick… 🙄 (ninja)

  4. 4 lambrtz 01/02/2011 at 9:02 AM

    Hooo ndak mirip ya. 😕 Baiklah lain kali musti lebih baik lagi nirunya. 😎
    Makasih dibilang refreshing. 😳
    BTW ada sedikit grammatical error di postingan saya, jadi quotenya juga saya edit ya. 😛

    *entah kenapa gak tahan untuk* 😆

    Kenapa? 😕 :-”

    Tapi kan KTP situ… 😐
    BTW cewek Aceh cantik-cantik Bos.

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