Cepat Pulang, Cepat Kembali Jangan Pergi Lagi

I often found myself being bothered by songs about coming home/homesickness/missing a travelling person. [500 Miles]. Firasat. [Rumah Kita]. This is most probably related to [my desire to travel]. And as such a person I revere songs on travelling. [Freebird] being the [most prominent example].

The post title translates roughly to “quickly go home, quickly return and don’t leave again” from Marcell’s Firasat (Hunch?), which I heard being performed by one of the guest band in today’s Indonesian Diaspora Gathering in Bristol. BTW I and some other Indonesians in Cardiff also performed there.

Home is where your heart is. So bring your home as you travel.


Slice of Life 12 2 2017

The last days have been cold. Not cold cold, but pretty cold for Cardiff.

So I moved house. To somewhere closer to the coach station.

I am going to London in March. Let’s see what I can see there.

And work has been tough. I knew it would touch interoperatibility but I didn’t expect the intensiveness.

Changed Priorities

I used to have a page on the sidequests/non-work or family-related things that I want to do. But over the years many things I wrote there have become irrelevant, so I decided to take it off. As a substitute, now I keep a Some Lists page.

When in York

I remember when I was in York for New Year, I and my friends met an old Chinese (ethnicity) man. He thought we were from Malaysia. I immediately noticed that his accent was very Malayan peninsular with probably 10% Hong Kong/Cantonese part. He initially didn’t want to say where he was originally from, but later on he admitted that he is Cantonese who was born in Penang and grew up in Singapore, before moving to UK around the independence of Singapore (I don’t know if it was the independence from UK or the separation from Malaysia).

I don’t know how it feels like to become an overseas Chinese. My impression is that Chinese people are everywhere, you are all travellers who once reach your destinations you settle down there. Everywhere you go, it is quite likely to meet somebody who speaks a similar language, culture, and that same vision*. But that old man seemed to express that, loneliness, and remorse. Singapore was a new and underdeveloped country back then, so he decided to go to the UK. But he seemed to regret that as the rest of his family is still in Singapore. BTW he also quite fancied Lee Hsien Loong, repeatedly saying “The Singapore PM studied in Cambridge.” Something that I feel many Singaporeans friends don’t share perhaps haha.

*(A little side note: My people, the Javanese people, are rather at the other end of the spectrum to me: if I meet a random Javanese person on the street here, and that is already quite unlikely, I would guess 99% of the time that s/he is a student; and s/he will probably go back home after finishing her/his study. That, or a diplomat. But they will be in bigger cities probably. A tourist? Nah, who would think to go to Cardiff.)

Anyway he said that there is only a small Chinese community in York, so every year he travels to Manchester, about 1-2 hours away, to celebrate Chinese New Year. Manchester has probably one of the biggest Chinese communities in the UK and the celebration is much merrier there. He even compared to the Gregorian calendar new year celebration, which I agree with him is very humble: no fireworks, only people gathering in front of the York minster and the church bell ringing a few times. That’s it. Anyway he recommended us to go to Manchester on CNY as it would be much much bigger.

Well I don’t know how I should close this post. But I felt a little bit strange as my story is a little like him. Three weeks and a few hours before that I was still in Singapore, where I had stayed for more than 8 years.

(originally a Facebook post)


So I did it.

I probably should have written it earlier but anyways it has been about 1.5 months since I travelled to Cardiff. The trip took 1 whole day, and I needed to switch transportation modes a few times: taxi to Changi – air flight to Frankfurt – air flight to London – coach to Cardiff.

Well things have been interesting here. I need to adapt to the harsh(?) cold winter that I had never experienced. I need to cook for myself. And my BRP was late to the point that it raised some administration issues—but nonetheless almost everything is settled now.

Indonesians often complain that Singapore is boring because of its minuscule size. I did share that view. However during my 8 years of stay there, I found living in Singapore to be convenient. Too convenient actually. That I don’t need to cook, I can buy hot food almost everytime I want, even supermarkets and convenience stores near my apartment are open 24 hours, whereas here there are no food courts let alone hawker centres, food in restaurants are expensive, and the buses are not as frequent, not to mention the Brexit issue always sitting around the corner. So I am grateful for this experience. I quit my comfort zone to move here, and I look forward to seeing more interesting stuffs and continuing my career here while better taking care of myself.

The title is from the kind of birds I often see flying here. Those big white birds. Actually not sure what they are. Maybe seagulls, albatross, or something else? But their sound reminds me of that the squawks of seagulls in the psychedelic section in Echoes. It’s a nice sign that I am actually in the UK.

Film-film yang Kutonton pada Tahun 2016

Terlambat dirilis karena habis jalan-jalan, seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, inilah film-film yang kutonton pada tahun 2016. Lebih sedikit dari tahun kemarin, gara-gara kesibukan ngrevisi thesis, persiapan oral defence, dan nglamar kerja yang akhirnya sukses membawaku ke Barat™, tapi setidaknya gak banyak cheating lagi dengan nonton film-film pendek. 😛

  1. Marriage Story (1992). Ya tentang orang kawin.
  2. Our Times (2015). Gadis nerdy dan anak nakal aslinya naksir sama pemain basket dan cewek yang dekat sama si pemain basket, sebelum akhirnya mereka suka satu sama lain, dan kehidupan setelahnya.
  3. You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011). Segerombolan cowok SMA naksir sama cewek terpinter di kelas, dan kehidupan pasca lulus SMA.
  4. A Better Tomorrow II (1987). Mirip sama yang pertama, cuman beda karakter, Leslie main lebih banyak, dan Chow Yun Fat hidup lagi jadi karakter baru. Penasaran nonton gara-gara lagunya sih.
  5. Pain (1994). Pemuda pengangguran sado-masokis kecanduan menyakiti diri sendiri dan orang lain. Adegan penyiksaan.
  6. Mee Pok Man (1994). Seorang laki pendiam dan agak intellectually challenged™, sehari2 berjualan mee pok (fishball noodle, walaupun mee pok itu sendiri IMO jenis mienya sih) jatuh cinta sama seorang PSK, a little bit too much. Ending morbid.
  7. The Founding of a Republic (2009). Berdirinya PRC dari sisi CPC.
  8. How I Unleashed World War II (1970). Perjalanan epik komikal prajurit Polandia yang ketiduran dan nyasar-nyasar dari Polandia muter-muter sampai Nazi Austria, kapal Turki, Libanon, Italia, dst sampai balik lagi ke Polandia.
  9. Robotix (1985). Nostalgia masa kecil. Pertempuran robot-sadar di dunia post-apokaliptik.
  10. Star Trek: Beyond (2016). Kru Enterprise dijebak untuk mendarat di planet alien. OK, enjoyable, but not—you know—“world class”.
  11. Love Letter (1995). Seorang gadis terjebak pada kenangan almarhum tunangannya, dan berkorespondensi dengan teman SMP si almarhum. Baca juga review Ando [di sini].
  12. Ditto (2000). Berbincang-bincang dengan perempuan yang dulu naksir bapak, lewat radio rusak.
  13. Your Name (2016). Terlalu happy ending buat film Shinkai, tapi ya OKlah buat bikin beliau terkenal seantero jagad. Sisanya, silakan baca postingan Ando [di sini].
  14. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2013). Adaptasi liberal daripada Kera Sakti. Tong Samcong konyol dan ada Hsu Chi jadi pemburu hantu nan sakti mandraguna tapi jatuh cinta sama Tong Samcong.
  15. After the Storm (2016). Detektif ecek-ecek plus pecandu judi mencoba berekonsiliasi dengan ibunya serta mantan istri dan anaknya.
  16. Murmur of the Hearts (2016). Sepasang kakak adik dibawa ke mainland Taiwan dari pulau kecil di seberang oleh ibunya, lantas terpisah tercerai berai pasca beranjak dewasa dan ibu mereka meninggal.
  17. Flying Colors (2015). Perjuangan seorang gadis gyaru dengan prestasi akademis di bawah rata-rata untuk masuk Keio U.
  18. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983). Relasi antar 4 orang tentara, 2 tentara Jepang dan 2 tentara Inggris (PoW) selama PD II.
  19. Macross: Do You Remember Love (1984). Cinta segitiga dan bombastisisme budaya populer dikombinasikan dengan perang antar-galaksi dan panspermia.
  20. Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance (2009). Garis besar utamanya masih mirip dengan cerita serialnya, tapi dengan sedikit detil yang berbeda dan penambahan karakter baru, Mari Makinami.
  21. Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo (2012). Bagian Nagisa Kaworu, tapi detil semakin melenceng.
  22. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006). Anime slice of life tentang gadis yang bisa pergi ke masa lalu.


  • Jepang: 8.5
  • Taiwan: 3
  • Singapore: 2
  • USA: 2
  • Korea: 2
  • Hong Kong: 2
  • RRC: 1
  • Polandia: 1
  • UK: 0.5

Setelah beberapa tahun kalah dari Korea, Hong Kong, Cina daratan, tahun ini Jepang kembali jadi nomor satu, mungkin dipengaruhi perjalananku Oktober kemarin ke Jepang, yang sukses memantik pelatuk Jejepanganku lagi. Film barat juga lebih banyak dari tahun kemarin. Ada entri baru dari Polandia! Yang setengah-setengah itu karena film no. 18 adalah film British-Japanese.

Seperti biasa, top 5:

  1. Our Times
  2. Ditto
  3. How I Unleashed World War II
  4. Macross: Do You Remember Love
  5. You are the Apple of My Eye

Sampai jumpa akhir tahun 2017!

Mando- and Cantopop

My ears have seemingly taken an uncanny route. After “settling down” last year, now I listen to…Mando- and Cantopop. Something that I would never think of some ten years ago.

I regularly listen to these nowadays.


Leslie Cheung – 當年情 (In the Sentimental Past)

Although I watched A Better Tomorrow [in 2014], I wasn’t interested at its soundtracks back then. Now I listen to this again after watching its sequel, which features this song overlaid with the next song.


Leslie Cheung – 奔向未來日子 (Will Rush Toward Future Day)

Now this is the best Cantopop song ever. Listening to this makes me feel like listening to a summary of Leslie Cheung’s entire life (although I need to put a disclaimer that I don’t really know his story very much, and I don’t know what this song is about). Plus that scene in the movie.


Hu Xia – 那些年 (Those Years)

I watched You Are the Apple of My Eye a couple of weeks ago and hint hint: it is a top 5 candidate for this year.


Eason Chan – K歌之王 (The King of Karaoke)

I have no idea what this song is about—oh let me google it. OK now I know what it is about. I find [two] [links] that tell slightly different translations. Are the Mandarin and Cantonese different? But nonetheless, how funny it is, as I’ve been known to sing melancholic songs…melancholically.


Wang Jie – 別讓明天的太陽離開我 (Don’t Let Tomorrow’s Sun Leave Me)

Wang Jie and this song embody the late 1980s/early 1990s atmosphere: a clean-shaven man with leather jacket singing a heartbreaking ballad.

lambrtz looks like this


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